Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wow, I WON! - Take that Tuesday

I got AMAZING news last night and this morning. 

I WON two giveaways. 

Last night, I found out  I will soon be the proud owner of  a beautiful clutch from Toriska Bags & Crafts.  Check our her amazing store.  Also support by following and enter the amazing giveaways at Mint Green with EnvyThanks to Mint Green with Envy.

This morning, I received the most amazing news.  I won a Silhouette.  Yes, the super amazing craft cutter machine that can do almost everything but make my morning coffee.  My dearest husband had said he would get me one for Christmas.  I've wanted one for so long.  It was stretching our holiday budget. This is a true blessing.  Thank you to Thrifty Chic Mom and Silhouette.  Please support Thrifty Chic Mom, it's a great blog and hosts some rockin' twitter parties. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday! I certainly did.


  1. CONGRATS!!!! You totally deserve it. Thanks so much for being so kind to leave a comment on my blog with info to all of those giveaways. I didn't win but it sure felt good to see your kindness:D

  2. thanks ladies. I'm thrilled, can't wait ot share the love. Jess, I'll certainly let you know of more contests and giveaways I hear about . They seem to have a huge onslaught about every few months. I'll cross my fingers for you next time!!

  3. Hooray for you! That's so exciting! 2 in one day!